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Strategic Services for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re not sure what all the components of a scalable business are.

You know you need help but you’re not sure who to turn to for support. 

You don’t have a solid foundation in place for the next evolution of your business.

You know you need to implement better systems and tools so you can support the growing needs of your business. 

You have a big, inspiring vision for the future—yet you don’t have a clear plan to get there.

You feel paralyzed when it comes to investing in your business—from implementing a solid foundation to building a team. How do you know what to invest in and when?

You’re under-resourced and overwhelmed. You need a plan and real accountability to get to the next level.

We’re here to help.

Proven Framework for Lasting Success

No matter where your business is at or what expansion challenge you’re facing, our team has you covered.

Planning & Execution

Have a big, ambitious vision but lack a clear roadmap? Having trouble knowing what to prioritize and when? We’ll help you develop a comprehensive strategic plan and put it in action.

Metrics Tracking

Understanding where your business is going and how fast you’ll get there is no easy task. Use key metrics to make informed decisions and empower yourself to take the right risks.

Financial Management 

Are you leveraging your finances for growth? Conduct regular financial reviews with confidence. Know what data to collect and when—and how to use this information to maximize your profits.

Team Engagement

Whether you’re bringing on your first employee or building a dream team, inspiring and empowering them to do their best work is a challenge. We’ll help you build a supportive team environment and your ideal culture that will attract and retain the best talent. 

Infrastructure Implementation

The bigger your business gets, the more complex its needs are. Implement systems, tools and processes that increase productivity and teamwork, so you have more time to focus on big picture goals.

A Whole-Person Approach

If you’re under-resourced and overwhelmed, so is your business. We prioritize you—your lifestyle, personal growth, and overall wellbeing—so you can thrive in business and life.

Our Services


Are you an Early-Stage female entrepreneur in need of Business Foundations or Systems & Tools? We offer 2 unique programs. Both are designed to give you the training, support and confidence you need to build a thriving, successful business.

Essential Systems & Tools
Get support identifying the systems you have and the tools you need for your business.  Then, learn how to use them in a supportive community of like-hearted women.

Foundations for Success
Is a group mentoring program designed to empower women with the foundations they need to succeed through mentorship, training, and community.


Are you an Expanding female entrepreneur ready to expand you reach, your impact and your profits? We understands that women still face many unique challenges in expanding their business. The Expanding Entrepreneur is group mentoring program designed to empower women to grow their businesses through mentorship, training, and community.

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Mature/Small Team

Grow your business and break through barriers to success with one-on-one support. From strategic planning, to systems & tools, and empowering your team, Lisi will ensure that your business thrives. She’ll act as your out-sourced COO and mentor throughout your work together, pulling in additional SoulTree team members as needed to ensure everything comes together smoothly and seamlessly.

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