The ideal time to start building a business that scales is when you are a Solopreneur – not when you are actively trying to expand.  But if you have already expanded beyond Solopreneurship, the best time to start building a business that scales is… now.

You can’t scale your business, until you first build a business that scales.

The problem is most business owners don’t know what the components of a scalable business are or how to build a business infrastructure designed to scale and they usually don’t have the bandwidth to figure it out.

New Business Owners

The most common problem I see with new business owners is – not implementing the essential business foundations and systems required to build a thriving, successful business.  Which makes it challenging to manage your business strategically and with much confidence but it also sets you up for problems later on, once you are ready to expand.

Think of your business like a house.  If you don’t have a solid foundation to build on, your house is unstable.  And the more you try to build, the more unstable it becomes.  Businesses fall or fail all the time for not being managed well.

Actively Scaling/Expanding

The most common problem I see with business owners trying to scale or expand their business is thinking that all they need to do is get more clients.  There is more to scaling your business, than just generating more leads and sales.  Generating more leads and sales is definitely a component of expansion but you can’t scale one area of your business without affecting another.

My mission is to educate business owners on what they need to implement in their business at each stage of growth – from Solopreneur to Small Team Business Owner – so you can expand your reach your impact and your profits and confidently share your gifts with the world.

I’d love to support you on your path.