What our clients are saying . . .

Over a 3-year period, Lisi helped me build a strategic plan, executed a variety of strategic initiatives, and implemented additional Information Management Systems needed to support my goals in addition to developing and documenting Standard Operating Procedures and managing my Business Operations. Lisi had genuine care and concern for me and my employees, ensuring we had the tools we needed to succeed at doing our best work. The support she provided allowed me to focus more of my time and attention where I wanted to—on project management, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Dana Solomon


Thanks to Lisi’s ability to be nimble and proactive with her problem-solving, she took Recoil from a surprisingly successful Kickstarter project to a fledgling business in no time. Lisi allowed us to focus on product development and customer relationships challenges, while she applied her talents to getting the systems in place to run the business. Anytime we needed to research a service or operational tool, her research was done extensively yet quickly, always finding the right solutions given our budget restrictions and the size of the business at that time. Lisi also had a deep understanding of Recoil’s roadmap and vision for the future, giving us the ability to scale quickly and efficiently while keeping an honest eye on the financials.

Anne Mink

Owner, RECOIL Winders

Lisi assisted me and my company, Axis Software Designs, in myriad ways. She is a multi-talented professional who takes on the challenges of growing a company as if it were her own. Her responsibilities included a broad spectrum of organizational tasks, both strategic and detailed, that allowed me to concentrate more fully on generating sales and delivering services. Her creative approach to solving challenges coupled with her attention to detail was greatly appreciated.

Marcie Barkin Goodwi

CEO, Axis Software Designs

When I began training with Lisi, she had created an all encompassing procedure manual and every detail was accounted for. I have never been trained with such thoroughness. She made my transition smooth and prepared me to take over well. She 100% set me up for success. After some time with her, I was confident I could perform my role. Her documentation and training notes are my #1 manual to do my job well. I still use it every single day.

Kristi Anderson

Client Service Coordinator, 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group

Lisi has an uncanny ability to break down complex tasks into digestible bits of guidance. Her attention to detail and obsessive documentation of procedures created a framework that, frankly, I could not do my job without.

Jessica Collazo

Client Services Coordinator, AVCRAFTERS

Lisi helped launch a service management program and implemented the tools and processes we needed to track and manage our incoming customer support tickets. She reinforced accountability in the field by facilitating regular team meetings, implementing a task management process, and organizing project reviews. She also established the framework for a healthy, supportive team environment using DiSC profiles, quarterly check-ins, and team-building events. Lisi was instrumental in building the structure and systems AVCRAFTERS needed to support our next phase of growth.

Jon McFadden

Project Manager, AVCRAFTERS

Over a 6 year period, Lisi managed many different aspects of my business, including infrastructure improvements, marketing, and operations. Her support allowed me to focus on more revenue generating areas of my business, including sales and service delivery, which lead to an increase in higher value consulting engagements and profits. Lisi is gifted at accomplishing a lot of work in a short period of time. I recommend her services to any entrepreneur motivated to take their business to the next level.

Sal Silvester

Founder/CEO, 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group