Expand Your Reach. Expand Your Impact. Expand Your Profits.
Hello Service-Based, Purpose Driven, Female Entrepreneurs!

Expand your reach, impact and profits to 6 or 7-figures, achieve your highest potential and CHANGE THE WORLD!

You’ve proven to yourself and those around you that you have the grit and determination to succeed as an entrepreneur.

You worked really hard to launch your business and made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point. You’ve done an amazing job creating your service offering, attracting clients, and generating income. You know that you are capable and your business model works.
This is your path.

But you feel like the energetic space you are operating in is too small. You want to have a greater impact on the world. You know you have a unique gift to share and a real purpose in this life and you want to fulfill it. It’s not all about the money.
You want to make a difference.

You want to expand.

You want to expand your offering, make a greater impact on the world, and increase your profits but you aren’t totally sure where to start or who can help you. There are so many coaches and programs out there. How do you choose?

Maybe you

Aren’t sure what is required for successful business expansion.

❤  Tried to expand on your own but you didn’t have a process or a plan and have already wasted time on trial and error.

❤ Started exploring business training courses and programs but haven’t found one that “felt” right or was comprehensive enough.

❤ Started researching tools and technology you heard could support business expansion but got overwhelmed by the options and the implementation.

Here’s what you might not have realized

Expanding your business to 6 or 7-figures isn’t easy. In most cases, you actually can’t just keep doing what you’ve been doing to this point and achieve the vision and the goals you have for your expanded business. You need a plan and the guidance and support of others who have walked the path before.

Once you make the commitment to expand beyond 5-figures, It means expanding beyond Solopreneurship, which includes its own set of challenges. You also have to commit to building a business that can expand with you, otherwise it will jeopardize your chances of long-term success.

That’s why I say, you can’t scale your business until you first build a business that scales.

Hi I’m Lisi!

You can count on me to show you the way! I’m a seasoned business expansion coach with 20 years of experience helping ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you, expand their reach, impact and profits by building a supportive team and laying the foundations for scalable, sustainable business expansion into 6 or 7 figures.

My approach to business growth stems from my background at Silicon Valley startups and later as a Fractional COO for entrepreneurs with small teams, where I saw fast-growing companies with so much potential struggle to expand because they lacked solid business foundations and scalable infrastructures.

Time and again, I’ve watched as gifted, motivated entrepreneurs try to expand their business without having a solid foundation to expand from. And sadly, they often end up resenting their business in the process and wonder if they’ll ever get back to enjoying the parts they love again.

Based on that experience, I developed a five-part framework that takes a mindful and whole-business approach to growth. Now I offer my expertise in establishing those foundations and structures in the form of training courses and group programs, to female owned businesses making positive impacts. I trust my innate wisdom to be my life guide and weave my experience with mindfulness and spiritual intention into my approach, making my style of business coaching unique.

SoulTree Operations has evolved to honor my passion for supporting female entrepreneurs in strengthening their business foundations, systemizing their businesses for more easeful growth, and helping them build “self” into their business plans, so they can do their best work, change lives, and enjoy the process.

Imagine if…

You had an experienced mentor with a village to guide you through the next evolution of your business, instead of having to figure it out on your own.

You felt empowered and confident in your ability to expand to the next level.

You had the support and accountability of a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs to share the journey with.

There was a comprehensive program that took a mindful approach to business expansion. 

You could complete the course material at your own pace without the pressure of specific start and end dates.


A business training and mentorship program for purpose-driven female coaches, consultants and professional service providers who are motivated to expand their reach, impact and profits to multiple 6 or 7 figures.

Learn how to expand strategically + sustainably and gracefully transition your
business into its next evolution.

These days, it seems like there are countless programs and coaches promising to help you build your dream business and create an epic lifestyle.

And many of them really do help you get your business off the ground – discover your niche, create an online presence, and hopefully get your marketing strategy started.

And that’s great! but it will only take you so far. An expanding business requires more strategy, structure and eventually team support for long-term, sustainable success.

Specifically, here’s what you’ll achieve

in The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy:

A Whole-Business Approach

Your expert business growth mentor, Lisi and her hand picked village of Wisdom Warriors, will guide you through a comprehensive, step-by-step process for expanding your business and keep it running smoothly and effectively, so you can start making a bigger impact and more profit. Our whole-business approach ensures that you and all areas of your business are being considered in the expansion process. You can’t expand one part without impacting another.

Maximize Your Upper Limit Potential

As a wife, mom, and successful business owner, I know that maintaining a work/life balance can be tricky. I’ll help you work with your individual tendencies and patterns to create a personalized approach for protecting your greatest asset—you!—so you can enjoy your work and your life. If you’re under-resourced and overwhelmed, so is your business. We prioritize you—your lifestyle, personal growth, and overall wellbeing—so you can thrive in business and life.

Gain control of your business

Have a big, ambitious vision but lack a clear roadmap? Having trouble knowing what to prioritize and when? We’ll help you develop a comprehensive strategic plan with clearly defined goals so you have a clear path to the new evolution of your business ensuring you remain in control of your business and not it in control of you.

Scalable Operational Infrastructure

The bigger your business gets, the more complex its needs are. You’ll learn how to implement systems, tools and processes that maximize efficiency and increase productivity, so you have more time to focus on big picture goals.

MeasureD success

Understanding where your business is going and how fast you’ll get there is no easy task. Use key metrics to measure your success and empower you to take the right risks.

Make informed, confident decisions

Are you leveraging your finances for growth? Conduct regular financial reviews with confidence. Know what data to collect and when—and how to use this information to make informed, confident decisions about your business..

Expanded Service Offering

We’ll explore your offer economics and the potential to expand your service offerings in ways that are aligned with your goals and values, to help you create more positive impact with more clients and with less effort.

MORE Leads & Sales

As your business expands into new offerings, new markets, even new geographical territory, lead generation can once again become a challenge. We’ll explore new ways for you to obtain more leads and convert them into sales.

Team Support & Engagement

Whether you’re bringing on your first team member or building a dream team, inspiring and empowering them to do their best work is a challenge. We’ll help you build a supportive team environment and your ideal culture that will attract and retain the best talent.

Village of Wisdom Warriors

An expanding business requires a whole lot of support to succeed, if you want to avoid burnout and resentment along the way. You’ll have a village of experts supporting you on your journey. We are a team of experienced business owners who have joined forces to support you through the program. We provide everything you need for successful business expansion; plus you’ll have accountability, motivation, and support to keep you going no matter what challenges arise.

A Community of Women in Business

Develop relationships that expand your vision of what’s possible, keep you accountable, and provide you with ongoing support through our community of like-hearted entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to stop drowning in overwhelm and start feeling like the confident, empowered business owner you know you can be, then I hope you’ll join The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy. You can do this!


For an additional fee, you’ll have access to our team of virtual assistants to outsource tasks and job functions outside your genius zone allowing you to expand more quickly and with ease. Get ready to reclaim your time, your life and your sanity!

Ready to join?

Want to learn more? Set up a call with Lisi to find out if The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy is right for you.

The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy is designed to give you the knowledge, training, tools, and support you need to expand your business to multiple 6 or 7 figures at your own pace and without the headaches and stress of figuring everything out on your own.
And more importantly, you’ll end up with
a business designed for long-term scalable, sustainable success.

Here is what you will get when you join The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy.

 You will have access to all 3 self-led online courses: Expand Your Business Blueprint, Expand Your Offering Blueprint and Expand Your Profits Blueprint.

The modules and lessons are designed for you to complete at your own pace. The courses contain:

❤ 15 Modules

❤ 30 lessons

❤ 20 Workbooks

❤ 20 Templates

 1 Year Coaching Circle Membership

❤ Weekly group coaching calls with Lisi (optional private coaching available)

❤ Members Only Facebook Group for additional support from Lisi, her team and a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs.

 Done For You Services (additional fees apply):

You will have access to our outsourced team of Virtual Assistants to support you on your business expansion journey, allowing you to reclaim your time and your life.

 Wisdom Warrior Support

In addition to the training course materials and the coaching circle, you will meet privately with nine Wisdom Warriors who are available to support you at a deeper level in their areas of genius, if you choose.

Meet Your Village of wisdom Warriors

The initial flagship program I launched was based on my 5 part framework and only included my areas of expertise and genius zone. After that initial launch, my vision grew and kept growing. I kept checking in with myself about the ideas I was having questioning whether I really should develop the expanding program I was envisioning. The answer kept coming back “yes”.

I knew the expanded vision I was having for my program would include all of the things my soul client would need to successfully expand their business to 6 and 7 figures. The problem was, my vision included areas that were not in my genius zone. The only solution was to partner with others who had the genius my program needed.

The intention behind the Village of Wisdom Warriors is to give you access to experts in areas you might need more support in while on your journey. We all have different life challenges and support needs. Even if you think you have a particular area figured out, I encourage you to remain curious about what you might be able to learn from them.

This beautiful group of souls are as motivated and inspired as I am to support you on your Expanding Entrepreneur Journey. I am honored to be in partnership with each of them.

Ann Kasunich

Burnout Prevention COACH

Ann is a certified professional coach (CPC) with multiple trainings and certifications focusing on preventing and reversing burnout. She’s on a mission to guide individuals and companies in discovering that shining bright does not require burning out. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Shelley Marenka

Women’s Empowerment Coach

My prayer is that in some BIG way, my life’s experiences and lessons, clarity and vision, freedom and fire will touch your life, to be inspired to work with me and change your destiny forever. It will be uplifting, life changing and empowering so you can realize the limitless possibilities for your life!

Orion Ohev

Spiritual Attunement Coach

Orion is the Founder of The Aligned Phoenix School of Unlearning and the creator of the Phoenix Method. As an Emergent Strategy Coach, he helps his clients build their capacity to feel the emotions and discomfort they were using busyness to avoid – so they no longer need to be busy. Instead they allow their biggest impact, greatest abundance, and most intimate relationships to emerge from the space of Truth and Trust, replacing exhausting effort with aligned action that creates lasting impact.



Vanessa provides guidance, clarity, and inspiration to anyone who seeks to succeed in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives. She offers specialized programs for adults and children which includes: Intuitive Skills Building,Holistic VIP Programs for Highly Sensitive Persons, Business Clarity and Awareness Guidance, Clairvoyant Readings, and a unique line of wellness products.


Brand Strategist

Stephenie Zamora is an author and coach, business and marketing strategist, and founder of Stephenie Zamora Media—a digital media and production company, publishing house, and a full-service life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Her company has been merging the worlds of personal development, digital media, and online marketing to help individuals build purpose-driven lives and businesses for over a decade.



Lisa Fraley, JD (she/her) is an Attorney, Legal Coach®, Speaker,#1 Best-Selling Author of Easy Legal Steps and the host of the “Legally Enlightened” podcast on iTunes. As a Holistic Lawyer®, Lisa blends her legal expertise as a former health care attorney in a large corporate law firm and the care of a Health & Life Coach through IIN & Coach U to help thousands of heart-centered holistic health coaches, licensed practitioners, and online business owners protect their businesses and brands with contracts, disclaimers, trademarks and more.



Kristin Lavelle combines her love of people and personal finance in her work as a Financial Consultant. She emphasizes service, integrity, excellence, and inclusion and has a strong focus on supporting and empowering women through financial education, encouragement, and gathering in community.



Katie Collins is a sales boosting, client generating Business Coach who helps coaches, healers and online experts get over their fear of sales and visibility so they can make the impact — and the income — they pictured when they first started their business.  She is a certified coach, trained in the Art of Feminine Presence, and teaches both strategies and mindset tips that ensure business cash flow.

To recap, here is what you will get if you join the Expanding Entrepreneur Academy.

❤ Expand Your Business Blueprint course will teach you the essential components to building a business that scales to 6 or 7-figures. You will be set up to expand your reach with success. The course includes 5 Modules, 15 Lessons, 5 Workbooks and 5 Templates ($2,997)

❤ Expand Your Offering Blueprint course will review your offer economics and teach you how to expand your 1:1 service offering to 1:Many so you can expand your impact in a shorter period of time. The course includes 5 Modules, 10 Lessons, 5 Workbooks and 5 Templates ($1,997)

❤ Expand Your Profits Blueprint course will teach you how to expand your profits. This course includes 5 Modules, 10 Lessons, 5 Workbooks and 5 Templates ($997)

❤ 1 Year Membership to the Coaching Circle including 1x weekly group coaching calls and private Facebook group for additional support ($997)

❤ Access to our Done For You team of Online Business Managers, Technical Virtual Assistants, and Digital Marketing experts (additional fees apply)

❤ DISC Assessment ($100)

❤ Social + Emotional Intelligence assessment ($100)


❤ Ann: Energy Leadership Index Assessment + Coaching Session ($400)

❤ Shelley: Mindset Optimization Strategy Session ($250)

❤ Orion: Wealth Dynamics Assessment + Personal Readout ($350)

Vanessa: Intuitive Business Reading ($250)

Stephenie: Brand Audit ($200)

Lisa: Legal Love Consultation ($200)

Kristin: Financial Consultation ($200)

Katie: Close with Confidence series ($500)

total value $9,378

Investment: $4,997

Why am I offering such a significant discount? I am really passionate about serving female entrepreneurs like you and making the world a better place. I want to make it a no brainer for the right person to join The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy. I also want you to have money to invest in any of the Wisdom Warriors if you find you need additional support in the areas of expertise they offer.

One-Time Payment: $4,997

Payment Plan: 2 payments of $2,748

The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy is a perfect fit for you if

People would describe you as a kind hearted person.

You’re ready to expand your reach, impact and profits but don’t have a clear plan for how to get there.

You desire to work with an experienced mentor with a team instead of wasting precious time on trial and error.

You desire an intimate community of like-hearted women entrepreneurs to expand with.

You are motivated and have the time, energy and resources to invest in the next evolution of your business.

Although you are ambitious, you like the idea of a program that offers a mindful, step-by-step process with a heart-centered approach that you can complete at your own pace.

You currently have a service-based business generating at least 5 figures.

“You can’t scale your business, until you first build a business that scales” resonates with you.

You are motivated and have the time, energy and resources to invest in the next evolution of your business.

Ready to get started? Here’s how.

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept everyone into The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy. It’s less about making money and more about offering a program designed to help my specific soulmate client with a transformative experience AND for me to be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

I try to keep the program as intimate as possible so I can provide a high-quality, high-touch experience.

If you believe you’re a perfect fit for one of these limited spots, here’s what you need to do.

Book an introductory consultation. It’s FREE! We’ll get to know each other and determine if we want to embark on your business-building adventure together.

Complete the Introductory Consultation Form which will help me come to our call prepared and ready to serve you.

If we decide we’d like to work together, I’ll send you our program agreement for you to sign and you’ll either make your first payment or pay the full amount, depending upon which payment option you choose.

Next, I’ll send you a welcome packet and all of the info you need to participate in The Expanding Entrepreneur Academy.

Now, take a moment to imagine your expanded business by next year if you take action now.

❤ How many lives have you transformed?
❤ What impact is your expanded business having on the world around you?
❤ What dreams are you able to fulfill with the extra income you have made?
❤ How does this feel in your body?

It’s time for you to take the next step to achieving your vision. Remember, you won’t be alone on your journey. You will have a village of wisdom warriors and a community of like-hearted female entrepreneurs to support you every step of the way. You just need to have a desire to serve more people, have a greater impact on the world and be willing to dedicate the time, money and resources to achieving your vision.


Here are the questions my top clients asked before working with me.

I’m so busy, how much of my time will this program require?

The beauty of this program is that you can complete it at your own pace based on time you have available to you. I encourage my clients to be intentional about completing the course content vs trying to rush through it. The only restriction is your year membership to the Inner Circle.

I don’t have a lot of money to invest in my business right now.

I have purposefully made the program extremely affordable so it is a no brainer for the right person to join. At the same time, if you are serious about expanding your business to multiple 6 and 7 figures, it will require a capital investment on your part. In fact, you should get very comfortable with investing in your business every year if you are committed to its long term success.

I had a nightmare experience with another business coach. Can you ease my mind and tell me how it might be different?

I wish I could promise you that I won’t do anything to bug you but I can’t. I can tell you that I am 51 years old and have done a lot of personal development work in my life and try to be the best version of myself in all aspects of my life. Also, I welcome and encourage feedback about me, my team or my program if you have a negative experience as long as it is given in a kind-hearted way. I provide regular opportunities for this. I believe everything is a work in progress and there is always room to grow!

What’s your refund policy?

Based on the nature of the program, I am only able to offer a refund within 3 days of purchase and only if you have not accessed any of the course content, the members only FaceBook group or attended a coaching call.

How long do I have access to modules and lessons?

You will have lifetime access to the course content.

If you’re ready to Expand

One Time Payment of $4,997

2 Payments of $2,748.35

I didn’t realize how small I was thinking until she helped me to think big.

Lisi’s program was an eye opening experience about what it takes to bring your business to the next level … I felt like I was getting a masters degree in entrepreneurship! I learned so much about my strengths and weaknesses, which empowered me to make scrupulous decisions that led to a clearer focus on my business goals and how to achieve them.

Summer DuBois-Lenderman
Sabi Wabi Studio


discover the essential components to building a business designed for long-term scalable, sustainable success.

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