Lisi Kempton

Master Systems Strategist. Operations Catalyst.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners accelerate their business growth strategically, sustainably, and successfully. My work is based on years of experience helping businesses grow from the ground up. I see the big picture, and I take care of every detail along the way. After ten years of working behind the scenes at Silicon Valley startups and another sixteen years working directly with entrepreneurs, I’ve identified the five critical keys for success.

  • A conscious plan. Knowing where you’re going and how you’ll get there will guide your growth.
  • A solid foundation. Implementing scalable systems and infrastructure will support your growth.
  • An operations manual. Creating and documenting your standards and procedures, templates, checklists, and repeatable processes will enable your growth.
  • A proactive strategic plan. Taking control of your marketing execution will initiate your growth.
  • A well-integrated team. Hiring the right team members at the correct phases of business development will sustain your growth.

While my knowledge and experience extend beyond this list, staying focused on these five main areas of your business allows me to have the most impact on your growth. Bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners to new levels of growth and success both fulfills and inspires me. I’m a true expert at this work.


My Story

Starting with Startups

I got my start in Silicon Valley, the land of the startup. And it was intense. I find that at most startups, you may or may not have an actual job description. Startups tend to have pretty scarce internal resources, and everyone learns to wear multiple hats. I loved having the opportunity to be involved in so many different aspects of building a business. I managed people, projects, programs, and accounts.

I created sales tools, marketing promotions, and procedure manuals. I was responsible for workflow management and database management. I was involved in product launches and quality assurance testing. I took charge of business development and lead generation. I’ve been a Marketing Director, Sales Director, Project Manager, Partner Program Director, Bookkeeper, Account Manager, Business Development Director, Operations Director, and more.

This may sound overwhelming, but nothing could have suited me better. I loved the fast-paced, “all hands on deck” environments of the startup world. I also found that in each position I held, I was always the one documenting processes and creating procedure manuals. It turns out, I’m uniquely gifted at managing chaos.

Building in Boulder

In 2001, I moved with my husband and son to beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Once here, I finally brought my all of my experience and expertise together and started my own business helping entrepreneurs and small business owners accelerate their business growth.  I’m genuinely driven by seeing the impact I have on their businesses and lives. Helping other business owners bring their unique visions to life inspires me every day. Want to learn more about what I do?

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Lisi Kempton is an operations management and business growth specialist. She is a master at infrastructure, organization and project management. After years of working behind the scenes at Silicon Valley startups, Lisi began to coach and consult businesses at all levels of development and has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners reach higher levels of success for sixteen years. Lisi lives in Boulder, CO, where she passionately enjoys assisting other business owners to find lasting fulfillment and success using their greatest gifts.


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