Expand Your Reach. Expand Your Impact. Expand Your Profits.

Dreaming big is the easy part. But all the little steps it takes to grow your business into that vision?

That’s the hard part — and that’s when having a clear path and an experienced mentor with a village of support to guide you can make all the difference.


I’m Lisi, business growth coach supporting ambitious, purpose-driven female entrepreneurs as their businesses blossom to 6-figures and beyond.

Over and over again, I’ve watched good businesses struggle in the attempt to scale, and I have studied exactly what separates the companies that ignite from the ones that fizzle. I learned what my 6-figure clients needed to do in order to avoid the costly mistakes my 7-figure clients were making.

It all starts with understanding the essential components to building a business designed for longterm scalable, sustainable success. Then, implementing the strong foundations and solid, scalable structures that allow for easeful growth.

This is the secret I wish every female entrepreneur knew. With the right foundations, systems and structures in place, you can have balance, ease AND a thriving business.

How do I  Know This?

Because I’ve been burnt out – a lot. I left the corporate world in 2002 after 13 years because I was exhausted and desperately needed work-life balance. So I struck out on my own, building a business as a consultant for multiple-6 and 7-figure companies — they would bring me in to clean up huge messes that had been building for years, and finally were reaching breaking points.

I’ve seen just about every way a promising business can fall into the river as it’s trying to expand.

And over the course of several years of swimming against the current on rescue missions for these drowning businesses, I wished for just one thing:

I wished that I could catch those businesses before they fell into the river!

It’s so much easier (and cost-effective) to expand and scale from a firm foundation on the bank than it is when you’re already waterlogged, pushed around by the rapids and gasping for air.

Today, I help expanding businesses stay high and dry from the beginning, so they can scale sustainably and stay afloat as they venture into new territory. But the secret of success is to begin much earlier than you think you need to.

You can’t scale your business,
until you first build a business that scales.

What does that mean?


The foundation for healthy, sustainable business growth is personal development. I’m here to help you become your best self and get what you need to perform at your highest level.


To make informed decisions about the present and future of your business, you need a solid understanding of your finances and how to leverage them for growth.


We’ll work on Clarity first, and building a roadmap to your goals second. Along the way, we’ll work on prioritization so you stay on track.


To get support, you have to give support. We’ll show you how to ensure your team members feel appreciated, valued, engaged, inspired and empowered to do their best work. And if you still need to build a team, we have experienced Virtual Assistants ready to support you.


We’ll put structures, systems and procedures in place to streamline operations so your business flows freely and scales easily, without overwhelm and burnout. In fact, the operations side of your business will free your time to focus on leadership, big ideas, and the self-care that sustains you.

My approach

I developed an easy to follow 5-part framework that takes a whole-business and mindful approach to growth. This framework helps you lay the foundation to serve more clients and transform more lives without the growing pains or overwhelm, so you can expand your profits to 6-figures and beyond. But that’s not all.

By following my whole-business and mindful approach to business expansion, you will not only gain the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to expand your reach, impact and profits, and transform lives but you’ll also achieve your highest potential in business and in life.

You are the heart and soul of your business, and part of sustainability is helping you become the best version of yourself so you can succeed as an entrepreneur — and as a human being.


 30 years in the trenches of building other people’s businesses – in Silicon Valley corporations, fast-growing startups and as a fractional COO for entrepreneurs.

 Over 10 years actively building my own business.

Certified Coach from the Center for Coaching. In addition to logistics and systems, expansion requires us to look at ourselves, at our lives, at what’s working and what could be working better. You don’t just need a systems person on your side. You need someone who can help you with the SELF side of business. So you are supported in every way as your business grows.

Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence coach by the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence. Book-smart is one thing, People-Smart is another, and that’s what you need to manage engaged teams in times of expansion.

Certified Intuitive by Earth Magic Academy. Deepening my intuition helps me tune into what’s happening for my clients under the surface so we can find the most effective route to overcoming challenges.


I’m a wife, mother, recovering workaholic and burnout survivor. I believe in the importance of slowing down, even when scaling fast. And I am as dedicated to personal growth as I am to business growth, which for me means connecting with spirit and putting health and wellness first on the priority list.

You’re in business to make a difference in the world. It’s not just a job or a company, it’s an act of service. You value self-care, even though you don’t do it as often as you’d like. And while you’re ambitious, you also value slowing down, being present, being mindful. You’re making 5 figures or maybe 6 figures already, but you know that growth means new challenges.

You’re ready to have an expert in your corner helping you to expand your profit and your impact.

If that sounds like you, I’d love to chat.


discover the essential components to building a business that scales to
6-figures and beyond.

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